ROM No. 5, s. 2019: Conduct of Pre-Employment Test, Promotional Test and Ethics-Oriented and Personality Test (EOPT)



Examination Announcement No. 1 ,s. 2019


Announcement: Conduct of the Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE)

Announcement - BCLTE.jpg

Announcement: CSC CAR Learning and Development Program Schedule for 2nd Quarter of CY 2019

Download the L and D Calendar Here:

2nd Quarter Announcement and Calendar




RMC No. 2, s. 2019 – Guidelines on the Weight Management Project of the Regional Nutrition Committee in the Cordillera Administrative Region

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RNC-CAR Res No. 1 2018.jpeg

RNC-CAR Res No. 1 2018 page 2.jpeg

Download Guidelines Here:

Final Guidelines on Weight Management

Announcement: National Heritage Month 2019 Celebration

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Announcement - National Heritage Month 2019 Celebration 2.jpg